Regulation of Stay and Permanence

Stay Regulations

All persons staying at Yucuma Lodge, during their stay, shall be subject to this regulation, which is considered a contract of adhesion that must be met. Otherwise, the Management reserves the right of admission and permanence. SCHEDULE ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE: The schedule of admission to the cabins / rooms is set at 13:00Hs and must be vacated by 10:00Hrs of the day scheduled for discharge, after that time, Yucuma Lodge will right to an extra charge at the prevailing rate.
The outputs of the passengers preoducidas after 13:00Hs allow the establishment to charge a 50% fee and after 20Hrs charge a new day of stay. If the passenger has announced his departure with aticipación and vacate the cottage / room before 10:00 am, the Manager may authorize his stay free of charge in public areas until the time determined by depositing luggage at the reception.
REGISTRATION: All persons must register hosted according to the provisions of the Lodge.
KEYS AND LIGHTS: At all times when guests leave the Lodge, will hand over the keys and lanterns at the reception without exception.
TOWELS: It is forbidden (no exceptions) towels remove the cabins/rooms. In the event that the guest towel to need some other use than in the cabin / room, you can ask at reception. (*1)
BREAKFAST: Included in the cost of the stay and will be served in the dining room of the Club House from 09:00 to 10:30Hrs
LUNCH: Included in the cost of the stay and will be served in the dining room of the Club House from 13:30 to 14:30Hrs
DINNER: Included in the cost of the stay and will be served in the dining room of the Club House from 21:00 to 22:00Hrs
FOOD AND DRINKS: not allowed to consume food and/or beverages in the cabins/rooms or common areas of the Lodge, unless they were purchased from the Club House, otherwise management may require the removal and / or collection thereof.
RIGHT OF ADMISSION: The Lodge reserves the right to accept occasional visits and under no circumstances allow them access to the cabins / rooms, unless authorized by management. Breach Should management reserves the right to order the immediate withdrawal of the visitor.
SCHEDULE OF SILENCE: The same is between 14:30 and 16:00Hrs and 00:00Hrs to 08:00Hrs
HOT WATER: Each cabin has a water heater in which fuel is ignited at 07:00 and 19:00Hs Hs delay in warm water 30 minutes, and the trasncurso remain hot for about 2 hrs. In case you need another host special hours for hot water use, the management should solictarlo which analyze the order. The schedule change request will be treated according to the individual sitación management criteria.
  • (*1) Not sanitize shoes or body parts smeared with towels Lodge, has red earth-iron oxide and aluminum-because the mud and some beauty items (mascara, hair dye, etc..) Make quality unrecoverable towels. If this action incurred will be charged the amount of $ 100 for each towel.
  • Any damage caused by guests to the property, chattels or articles of property Yucuma Lodge, is your sole responsibility, shall pay the repair or replacement thereof.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the cabins / rooms and the Club House.
  • It is prohibited to take outside, furniture and / or equipment of the cabins (towels, sheets, mattresses, pillows, etc.) other than the one already on the outside and / or intended for that purpose.
  • Please do not hang personal clothing and / or towels on the outside of the cabins (baskets, railings, floors etc). Remember that the outside is shared visual space and could bother other people / passengers. If you need to dry clothes or hang something, please do it inside the cabins, using the racks that were designed for that use.
  • Accommodation is not transferable, not accepting others, replacing the headlines.
  • The removal of the passenger YucumaLodge without fulfilling all of the acquired reserve commitment, entitles the store manager to NOT reinstate the remaining days of the stay which will be taken as compensation.
  • It is prohibited to access Yucuma Lodge with animals.
  • The administration assumes no liability for lost jewelry, money, documents or other securities of any kind kept in the rooms, because there is a safety deposit box for safekeeping in the administration and other private use in each cabin/room.
  • Prohibited the holding of minors in public spaces without permanent supervision of an adult relative.
  • It is forbidden to board in the cabin / room heaters, or gas used by the guests also own security.
 Thank you very much for your cooperation and compromise not Yucuma Lodge staff.