Yucuma Lodge - El Soberbio, Misiones, 3364, Argentina
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Living among the treetops:


Yucuma Lodge

Yucuma Lodge offers warmth and comfort in the middle of the jungle, in an environment of exuberant vegetation, emerges our Lodge, a complex of 6 cabins and a large club house with warm, cozy and very romantic, built with native wood jungle Misiones.
Just 30km from the majestic Moconá.
Relax, contemplation and adventure, a privilege that can be achieved by choosing the experience "Yucuma Lodge".
This is your opportunity to enjoy and be pampered by our group of collaborators, where quality and warmth, is one of our main premises! ... I hope!

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Yucuma Lodge, Colonia Paraíso Km2, El Soberbio Misiones
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